Help the Environment and Your Bottom Line

Help the Environment and Your Bottom Line

SonoMarin Solar Inc offers residential EV charging station installation services in San Rafael & Sonoma, CA

If you own an electric vehicle, charging at home can save you time. And if you take advantage of our cost-cutting incentives, it could even save you money. Schedule an EV charging station installation appointment today by calling our San Rafael, CA location now.

Add an electric vehicle charging station to your business

The North Bay area attracts plenty of cutting-edge technology companies to its sunny shores. You can attract their employees to your business with an electrical vehicle charging station. San Rafael, California's restaurant owners, retail shops and entertainment providers who offer a place for patrons to charge their vehicles are often rewarded with loyal customers.

Call SonoMarin Solar Inc now to learn about incentives to help lower your EV charging station installation cost.

Providing fire relief and system inspections

Our bayside city is all too familiar with California's frequent fires. SonoMarin Solar offers:

  • Preventive inspections: We'll see if your electrical system is still functioning properly and inspect the system for any damage or potential hazards.
  • Debris removal: We'll clean your system after a fire.
  • Repair services: We'll repair any damage caused by the fire.

Mitigate the damage natural disasters cause by scheduling an inspection today.