Ready to Switch to Green Energy? Call SonoMarin Solar Inc

Ready to Switch to Green Energy? Call SonoMarin Solar Inc

Offering solar panel installation services in San Rafael & Sonoma, CA

SonoMarin Solar Inc offers a 10-year warranty on our solar panel installation services. If you're in the San Rafael, CA area, call 415-985-5458 now to schedule your installation appointment.

Which solar system is right for you?

SonoMarin Solar offers three types of solar system installations to clients in San Rafael, California and the neighboring cities:

  • On-grid systems Use your own solar power during the day. When solar produces more energy than your home uses during the day PG&E keeps track of the energy credits you've earned, then at night you are not charged for energy until you use more energy than the credits you have available.
  • Off-grid systems Rely solely on solar power, using energy your solar system has stored in the battery during the day & night.
  • Combination systems Use solar energy during the day and both stored solar power in your battery's and PG&E's electrical energy at night.

Off-grid systems are best for the environment, but the type of installation you choose will depend on your particular situation. Call now to talk to a solar consultant about which type is best for your home.