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Are you ready to lower your energy bills and help the environment? SonoMarin Solar Inc installs solar panels in the San Rafael, CA area. We also provide battery backup systems, generators and ev charging station installations. Call 415-985-5458 today to make the switch to green energy.

What's stopping you from going solar?

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Solar is the fastest growing energy source in the world offering a limitless supply of clean, safe, and renewable energy. Solar is more affordable, efficient, and reliable than ever!

Now that solar panels are becoming commonplace, there are more reasons to upgrade to renewable energy than to stay with your electric company. For instance, installing solar panels helps you:

  • Gain energy independence: With solar energy, you can live completely off the grid.
  • Live an eco-friendly lifestyle: Using renewable energy dramatically reduces your carbon footprint.
  • Save money: Energy companies in the San Rafael, CA area continue to raise their prices, while solar will pay for itself a few years after your initial investment.

Enjoy all these benefits by switching to solar energy. Call now to see if a solar energy system is a good fit for your home.

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Pay more now to save more later

Residents in the San Rafael, California area have access to solar energy incentives, but converting to solar has its own financial rewards. Think of investing in solar energy like paying your energy bill five years in advance. Typically after five years, your solar panels will have paid for themselves and you will then be generating clean energy from the sun for free. If you'd like to live in an energy-secure home, call SonoMarin Solar today.